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Shelbyville cheerleading coach arrested on child seduction charge

Shelbyville cheerleading coach arrested on child seduction charge.

Watt Avenue Business Owners Wants Prostitution Pushed Out « CBS Sacramento

Watt Avenue Business Owners Wants Prostitution Pushed Out « CBS Sacramento.

Helping The Wounded

     She was a little girl of 16 who didn’t know anything, a runaway, he saw that, and zeroed in on her right away That was his job after all to look for and manipulate lost, little girls.  He was a so-called pimp.  He found them, drugged them and put them to work in the streets, or in dirty, cheap hotel rooms, or cheaper still apartments.  The girls never knew what hit them.

Some of the girls ran away from home because their fathers or step fathers were raping them. They did not think their mothers would believe them, or some mothers really did  not believe them.  Some of the girls had no home to go to and were just homeless.  They were those too that had the wrong boyfriend or hung with the wrong crowd and ended up in the same place.  Needless to say, these girls were helpless and theses same girls are the ones that turn into women you see on the street much, later that you talk about and call trash.

That “trash” is someones daughter, mother, sister, aunt, wife…….., you?  Face it, they are “not” trash.  They are human beings whose lives are just as precious and as meaningful as yours or mine. I cannot see my daughter or niece on the street selling her body because some man confused or drugged her.  Girls are young and could be easily persuaded.  They want to feel like a woman and feel beautiful, needed and special.  They could be the middle child, the youngest, the eldest with more on the shoulders.  There could be problems at home, at school, bullying, who knows!  But that is when that snake comes in and sweeps down on your child and with their smoothness, finds out what they need and gives it to them.  Whether its conversation, tell them that they are beautiful, buy them the latest clothes, jewelery, make them look good in front of their friends, take them out to concerts, shows, to eat and then, that is when they give them alcohol and drugs to make them feel like an adult. Then they owe them.  They have them where they want them.  These girls have nothing on these men.  where as we would know better, they are still children and think like children.  Men know that and get them dependant on them and trusting in them.  The next thing you know, they are on the street selling their bodies and loving the man who did it to them and hating you.  it may not sound believable, but look at the streets and tell me its not.check the internet and police reports.  Do the research.  It happens all the time and we need to stop it.  I want to stop it and I am passionate about keeping our girls and getting your and my girls off those streets and out of the hands of those monsters and predators!

A female should not have to “sell” her body to eat, live or for any other reason.

     That is just a few scenarios.  There are also the students that cannot pay their college tuitions and need, no want to stay in school and get out of the neighborhoods they are from.  They want to be somebody.  Their parents cannot afford to pay their tuitions and the scholarships are not enough so they go to exotic dancing or stripping, or escorting.  Something that does not need them (they believe) to have sex.  They think they are above the so-called whores or prostitutes.  They are just doing this to put themselves through school and then they will stop.  That is what they tell themselves every day.  But the hours for school in the day time and to work at night get to them.  They begin to take something just to stay awake and make it.  They become addicted to the drugs as drugs are very, very powerful.  The type of people who sell the drugs to them are always looking for an angle.  They want to take advantage of good-looking, innocent new comers.  they see them as play things.  They take advantage of them and  begin to give them free drugs from time to time and even put a little something extra in what they take to get them dependant on them.  They are not addicts and school work suffers.  They feel bad that school is suffering and become depressed and take more drugs and dance more.  They become sucked into the under world more and more.  then, they disappear!

These girls/women/women are often sold on the streets, out of private bedrooms, in different cities and states, and across the country.  They become missing.  They could be right under our very noses, on our own streets prostituting and we would not recognize them because of what they have become, and because they are now so very good at being lost and hidden.  And besides, who really cares about them?  They are just a bunch of junkies right?  Who even goes and looks for them? Well, right?

Wrong!  They are our family members!  Our beloved sisters and daughters! Our friends!  If we do not help them who will?  You want the streets clean of what so many call filth?  Clean it up yourselves by preventing these men from selling your children to other men.
A female should not have to “sell” her body to eat, live or for any other reason.

     Let’s talk about who they sell them to shall we?  The men who pick up these young babies are from vast and various lives and backgrounds.  From police to upscale business men, to low life dope dealers and sex offenders.  Yes, that’s who takes advantage of these women.  It is a shame.  One man has even asked if one of the girls knew where he could get a couple young, breastless, 13 or 14 year olds.  Incredible! Let’s not leave out the couples who look for and prey on young women and girls.  They have parties and swingers that pick them up for entertainment or to do videos, porn, etc.  it goes on and on my friends.

     You can help put a stop to it!

     AngelWoW  (Angel Without Wings) is a group that goes out and talks to the women on the street and finds out what got them there in the first place.  We then try to guide them in the right direction for the help they need to stay off the street permanently! 

The way we do it is as follows:

  Let’s suppose one female tells us she is on the street prostituting because she has a couple of children and nowhere to go and she has an addiction.  We first try to get a place for her and her children to stay that allows her to get drug free and to keep her children once she is.  Not easy right?  But it is possible.  There are many programs out here that people do not know about.  It takes leg work and phone calls and persistent.  We can do that.  We “want” to do that.  We know about transitional housing, detox and rehab programs. then, we get them job ready.  After all, they need a way to take care of themselves and give for their family.  We do that too.  We offer life skills training as well. We stick with you from beginning to end,  and check on you as well.  It takes time and love, guidance and hope, courage and will power but mostly it takes someone to care enough to want to help, and for you to care about yourself.  Next, we try family reunification.  There are families out there missing their family members.  They may not even know they are alive and have given up.
We know that this sounds good but it does not always work.  We first must interview the women.  We believe everyone deserves a chance.  Maybe they will never rejoin their families, but at least they will have an opportunity at a better life and stay off the streets.

Because we know in our hearts of hearts, and in our minds and spirits that,

A female should not have to “sell” her body to eat, live or for any other reason.

It does not matter what color you are or where you are from, many women/girls end up here from all walks of life.  NO person, man or woman boy or girl should be on the street selling their body to EAT or to LIVE!

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